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Договор № BG05M9OP001-1.003-1329-C01 по проект “Осигуряване на нови работни места в „Моушън Артс“ ООД” по Оперативна програма “Развитие на човешките ресурси” 2014-2020 г., съфинансиран от ЕВРОПЕЙСКИ СОЦИАЛЕН ФОНД.


14 modern and friendly stations, 24 high-speed trains, over 150 000 unique passengers daily and... numerous possibilities for advertisement – this is the Sofia Metro today.

Besides one of the most rapid and convenient way of transport in Sofia, the Metro is a unique advertising channel with very strong impact, due to several factors:

  • While using the Metro, passengers avoid the busy ground traffic and feel comfortably.
  • The absence of contact with outside environment and other distracting factors causes a kind of „hunger for information“ – the passengers subconsciously seek information and are more positively disposed to the advertising messages.
  • Complex and continued influence of the advertisement at each stage of the travelling – by appropriate facilities located from the Metro entrances to the interior of the trains. While the audience is “taken captive”, captivate it with the right message!

The East radius of the first Metro diameter is already operating in the section from Vassil Levski Stadium to Mladost 1 residential district. The length of the line is 6 km, with 5 new stations.

In October 2009 the section from Sv. Nedelya sq. to Vassil Levski Stadium will be also opened having the length of 2 km and 1 station.

After connecting the West and East part of Sofia, the total number of Metro passengers per day is expected to exceed 200 000. The time for travelling from Mladost residential district to the center of the city will be about 10–12 minutes, and to Obelya residential district – about 23 minutes at the speed of 90 km/h.


  • Metropanels
  • Metroboxes
  • Metroboards
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