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Договор № BG05M9OP001-1.003-1329-C01 по проект “Осигуряване на нови работни места в „Моушън Артс“ ООД” по Оперативна програма “Развитие на човешките ресурси” 2014-2020 г., съфинансиран от ЕВРОПЕЙСКИ СОЦИАЛЕН ФОНД.

Take your powerful positions with Metroreklama

We are Metroreklama – an out-of-home advertising company, that has no analogue in the Bulgarian media sector. We offer the greatest variety of out-of-home channels, brought together and coordinated by one advertising operator. The combined usage of OOH channels leads to the most effective contact with the target audience – the advertising message reaches the consumer each moment he spends out of home.

Our work covers the whole country and consists of 4 main divisions:

  • mobile advertising (subway and electrical transport of Sofia, auto transport)
  • point-of-sale advertising (Billa, Mall of Sofia, Retаil Park Plovdiv, Mall Varna)
  • road network advertising (republican and city roads)
  • urban medium advertising (NDK, façade meshes in the center of Sofia)

We own a rich set of communication instruments – contemporary advertising facilities on attractive locations, maintained in excellent condition. The constant monitoring in each phase of the project is a standard for us, guaranteeing the perfect look of your advertisement during the whole campaign.

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